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Green and eco friendly products for all manner of purposes and applications.

Coco & Coir Sustainable Gardening Products

We all wanna be more sustainable when it comes to things in life from driving to eating and more, at Coco & Coir we have it covered when it comes to growing your own food so you can have delicious fruit and veg without hurting the planet.


Solar power is becoming more and more used and useful for everyday at low prices and Jackery is a major supplier of solar panels for any use from home, garden, camping or off the grid use Jackery have a solution for you at an affordable price.

ALLPOWERS (United States of America & Canada)

In need of reliable solar panels for something in the USA or Canada but can't find anything good enough or affordable? All Powers have you covered so you can get the panels you need for whatever it is so you're all set for your power needs.

Green Petfood (Germany)

Most pet foods these days aren't exactly the best or sourced properly either which is why Green Petfood is on a mission to fix that and not only to help your loved ones receive the best food possible but without harming your wallet and planet too. See what's in store and help your pets and the planet today.

Friendly Turtle

Looking for affordable and sustainable home decor and accessories that are environmentally friendly and recycled that reduce carbon footprints and look stunning? Try out Friendly Turtle and see what's in store to spruce up your home.


Find a wide variety of products all green and eco-friendly from health to kitchen and skin care all right here at Regn that are great for you and great for the planet too at affordable prices.

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