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Whatever you need to keep up with your health and fitness or to remedy certain health issues.

Cancer Research UK Shop

The fight to beat cancer still rages on and we are working around the clock to ensure that one day we do finally beat it, but we need all the help we can get from you so check out our store and see if there is anything you'd like knowing your are contributing to the fight to beat cancer.

Mighty Green (United Kingdom)

Mighty Green are on a mission to bring people CBD infused products that can be used for medicinal purposes to help you for stress, sleep, anxiety etc so you can relax and get that little help you need in life.

Muscle Foods

We're all trying to find the best foods for ourselves either to pack on muscle at the gym or just simply get through the day or if we have lifestyles like Veganism or Vegetarianism, well Muscle Foods is at hand to deliver whatever you're looking for no matter what it is you need from weight loss to muscle gains.

5 Kind

Are you in need of something to ease your sore, dry, broken skin without any harmful chemicals that only further your skins irritation? 5 Kind uses 100% natural ingredients including hemp to help ease your skin and make it glow again with mother nature instead of nasty harmful chemicals.

Big Green Smile

From baby products to body and bath to personal hygiene and bodily cleaning products to keep you and your loved ones clean and well looked after so you don't have to worry about them or the planet as all products are 100% natural and organic.


​Alyve is an AI assisted company that helps pick supplements and vitamins based off of you as an individual so that you can get the best things your body needs. See what you need to be a better you today.

Love Health Hate Waste

Even though lots of products we use have a best use by date on them a lot are thrown away prematurely at times perfectly edible or useable and by NHS (National Health Service) standards fit for human consumption. Love Health Hate Waste seeks to resolve this by buying up these products mainly health products and selling them at at low prices so that they don't end up in a landfill unnecessarily.


Derived from the Bulgarian word Ailiyak meaning the art of doing everything slowly with no rush whilst enjoying the process, we at Aeyla want to help break the sleep stress cycle and allow you to get that good nights sleep that you deserve so you can wake up feeling refreshed. 

Easy Feet

Struggling with foot related problems or have sore feet from running, jogging or just simple walking around? Easy feet aim to relive stress and discomfort to your feet with specially designed sole and shoe inserts so you can get back to moving without the discomfort anymore.

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