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All your DIY and trades needs to get the job done no matter what it is.

Hiatt Hardware

Hiatt Hardware

At Hiatt hardware we specialise in door knobs, yes you heard that right designs for any door from decorative to plain old, simple and functional to security locks for peace of mind all around the home all custom made for anyone no matter your style or tastes for any kind of door or cabinet draw etc in your home.

AnyCubic (Spain)

3D printers are all the rage these days for anyone looking to do many kinds of work from art to construction to simple planning and designing of things to help you wrap your head around a project. So you want the best in 3D printers so you get the most out of them and AnyCubic has exactly that for you.


Looking for hand tools for the job? Choose from some of the top brands of hand and power  along with accessories to help you get the job you're doing done and done right at affordable prices on over 60,000 products, whatever you need we've got you covered.

Machine Mart (United Kingdom)

Need tools to get get on with the job? Check out Machine Mart one of the UK's biggest DIY and tools retailer with over 65 stores nationwide for all your needs to crack on with what you're doing. 

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