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Whatever you need for your specific food needs so you can enjoy delicious food without the upsets.

AS Foods (Italy)

Getting the right supplements and food requirements is a nightmare even these days so finding what you need to be delivered to your door is essential. With All Supplement Foods you can find a wide range for all needs to supplement your food or diets to enjoy.

Muscle Foods

We're all trying to find the best foods for ourselves either to pack on muscle at the gym or just simply get through the day or if we have lifestyles like Veganism or Vegetarianism, well Muscle Foods is at hand to deliver whatever you're looking for no matter what it is you need from weight loss to muscle gains.

Bay's Kitchen

We all know how frustrating it can be when shopping for food additives like sauces, pesto's, gravies etc when you have a food allergy or intolerance that make it annoying to shop. That's where Bay's Kitchen comes in for people looking for food pastes, sauces etc to give their food a nice kick without any unpleasantries afterwards.


Whether you're vegan or have trouble with chocolate, cocoa, milk or nuts we aim to make chocolate bars and treats that you will be able to enjoy regardless of your awkward quirks so you can say no,mo to being left out when it comes to treats.

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